Beautiful Melody

May 10, 2019

I began singing as a young child in church and can't remember when my performance anxiety became intense. But for years now, my heart would pound and my fight or flight response would kick in every time I sang a solo. Duets and groups were not nearly as stressful.

A couple of years ago I took singing lessons for a year as an adult trying to somehow get over my fears. I thought the more I did it, the more comfortable I'd be. Unfortunately, I was still terrified at both of my recitals.

I have been treated by Liezl Apante for 8 months now and am almost done with the basis. When I mentioned I would be singing a solo at the Good Friday service and was nervous, she stated she could treat me for performance anxiety. She treated me several different ways since this was a severe problem and there was not much time to clear it. I had recorded myself rehearsing at home and Liezl used it to treat me for an adverse reaction to my own singing voice.

The next night, I sang my solo and couldn't believe how well it went. I have never had such positive comments before. Also, I was really pleased with how I sounded for the first time! I think my voice actually sounds better ad so does Liezl.

I'm eternally grateful to Liezl for her help! I never knew performance anxiety could be helped in this way.

Beth L.

Summer Fun

April 12, 2019

I've been going to Liezl for just over a year. While there have been improvements overall, such as not contracting any viruses during the last year, having fewer headaches and less congestion, the most recent heat exposure was astonishing.

I have always been very sensitive to heat and temperatures in Phoenix. Last weekend my daughter had a volleyball tournament in a new gym that had no air conditioning or ventilation. It was full of players and spectators struggling in the humid, hot space. It was uncomfortable to be in the heat during the games, but I did not have a physical reaction of fatigue or headache that many others experienced. I believe this is due to having received the heat energy treatment a few months ago.

I am now looking forward to summer months, rather than dreading them!

Cheri S.


Relief from Life-Long Eczema and Pain

August 9, 2018

I started my treatments with Liezl a little over a year and a half ago. The reason I had reached out to her was due to a chronic problem with eczema I have had since birth. Within the first visit, I had known that my search for a solution to my problem was over. Liezl's knowledge and explanation to my skin problems assured me that I, after years of visiting doctors and dermatologists including top hospitals like the Mayo Clinic, had finally found the place where I would receive the best care.

Since birth, my eczema had been a burden on my daily life. My skin was constantly red and inflamed. I had to be put on very restricted diets as a child and I wasn't allowed to play sports due to not being able to be outside for long periods of time since I was allergic to everything. As an adult my skin condition would affect my daily mood. There were days that my skin would be so inflamed that I would call into work because any movement would cause me pain.

I believe that I first started noticing improvements in my skin when I was half way through the basics. Yeast was my most noticeable treatment and after being treated I noticed my skin becoming healthier and I no longer started experiencing these episodes of extreme allergy reactions.

Overall I have been very happy with my time with Liezl and plan to continue treatments with her for the foreseeable future.

Gus Garcia

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Allergy Free Spring

March 28, 2018


Finally, a spring where I have not had to take allergy medicine!!! Getting through the basic plan helped get my cognitive brain function active again. Then honing in on additional outside allergies has made it possible for me to be free from allergy medicine! YEAH!!!

I am grateful for your knowledge an experience tackling all types of allergens; most surprisingly, the last one concerning "pressure." This has apparently been an issue for my sinuses most of my life. It wasn't apparent to me until I was treated for pressure. What a relief it has been. My sinuses drain freely, which is something I haven't had in too many years! To my amazement, other natural, environmental exposures, such as wind, have been treated.

Your positive attitude all the way has been such an encouragement for me to keep going, especially as my body has responded positively in harmony with your treatments. I recommend your service to everyone who wants to be treated without chemicals! That was my hope personally, and Liezl, you made it so in a very professional, yet personal way. So, so happy I found your service!

Very best regards,


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I Am Grateful For The Increased Sense Of Well-being And Hope!

August 13, 2015

I first noticed an issue of being really tired following an overseas flight home. I had used the NAET treatment for jet lag, but was very slow to recover. Much different than the trip overseas. I recovered quickly from that jet lag. Muscle testing revealed that I was reacting to geopathic stress to two states I travel to/live in the most. I was treated for that and then boosted on my next visit. Symptoms of lethargy improved, along with a feeling that some heavy emotional ancestral issues left my body. I could literally feel them leave the next day. I felt lighter and better, but during this same time frame, I was/am dealing with lots of family stress. A recurrent problem with my eye came up during this time. Several recurrent events of Uveitis have plagued me for the past 5-6 years. Since I started seeing Liezl Apante, I have not had an episode of full blown Uveitis. My eyes have still had problems, but I have recovered much more quickly each time than I used to. In the past symptoms could last for up to two months with steroidal treatments. However recently, I received treatments for yeast and an emotion. The yeast treatment and boost helped me to clear the redness and ache in my eye. It is truly amazing how different I feel from just two weeks ago. I was dreading my upcoming travel to deal with family issues, and now feel as if I could handle almost anything. I am still processing the treatment for the emotion, but feel positive that symptoms will continue to improve. Other side benefits I have noticed is that some eczema I had in my eyebrows and hairline has drastically improved. And overall, since starting the NAET treatments over 8 months ago, I have noticed an increased sense of well-being and hope. I am grateful. 

- Eva M., Queen Creek, AZ

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NAET Helped Me Eliminate My Fear Of Airplanes

My fear of airplanes didn't begin until a little over two years ago. Before this time, I had loved flying and even wanted to go skydiving. We took a trip when my daughter was four months old. It was the first airplane ride that I had my two children with me. The ride on the way there went fine, but it was a rough landing. On the way back, I had severe anxiety and trouble breathing. I felt disoriented, claustrophobic, and had an insecure feeling as if there was nothing below my feet. My fear was being so high up in the air without anything below me. It was a very unpleasant flight, and I never wanted to fly again. I did fly again however. I could make myself get on the plane, but the flights were miserable. We took six airplane rides in the period of those two years and each one was a challenge for me.

When I heard NAET could help with fears/anxieties, I was excited to try it before an upcoming trip. My NAET practitioner, Liezl Apante, and I worked hard to resolve the issue before my flight. I believed NAET could help me, but it was difficult for my mind to grasp that I could really go back to feeling normal. I couldn't picture what that would be like. Would I really get on the plane and feel perfectly fine?

To eliminate the fear, we had to treat for several different things and some of the things we treated for seemed a little farfetched. We treated for hormones in general, hormones relating to my son's birth, hormones relating to my own birth, the emotion regret present at my own birth by other family members due to my paternal grandfather not being present due to his untimely death, the airplane ride that took the life of that same grandfather, a trip when I was eight years old to the same destination I was going when this fear cropped up, and also a fear I have of airplane toilets. None of these things we would have been able to know without muscle testing. It's interesting because the airplane ride where this fear first appeared was the first airplane ride I decided to face my fear and use the airplane toilet. It felt to me almost as if the fear had spread or jumped to a different fear.

Liezl was so patient in helping treat all the things my body said needed to be treated. She never wavered in her belief that I could be helped.

The day of the airplane ride came. I felt anxiety in the few days prior to the flight and also in the airport. Liezl warned me this could happen because we had not had the time to treat for anxiety that may occur in the airport. I trusted what she said and got on the airplane. I was particularly nervous because this was the first time I was taking my two kids on a plane ride by myself. As soon as I was on the plane, the anxiety went away. I continued to expect it might come, but it never did. The part I hated before was being so high up in the air. Hearing we were 41,000 feet in the air used to make my stomach drop. We got up that high and I waited and waited... and nothing. I felt completely normal. In my rational mind, I realized nothing had changed from the previous flights. We were still very high up in the air, but I felt completely differently about it. I felt completely ecstatic!

This continued throughout the entire flight. We landed and I felt so proud of myself for making it through. On the flight back, I felt the same way. We even missed our flight and had to be rerouted and take two flights on the way back. I was able to handle that just fine.

I know if I didn't have these treatments with NAET I would still have this fear. I believed NAET worked before, but now I know for sure that it does.

- Elizabeth B. , Chandler, AZ

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Discovering NAET Ended My Endless Research To Find Relief For My Symptoms

July 19, 2015

I have been treated by Liezl Apante since 2009 for allergens that affected mainly my eyes.

My problems began around 2005 when living in Florida and when the skin around my eyes became red and inflamed and seemed to be caused by many of the foods I ate.  I went to an allergist, a dermatologist, a naturopathic doctor and also tried acupuncture to no avail.  This caused a lot of distress and I found that I avoided social situations that involved eating as I became phobic about everything I ate.

I finally discovered NAET during my endless research to find relief for my symptoms.  I initially saw another NAET practitioner in the Phoenix area who helped me; however, after about 6 months my symptoms returned.  Then I started seeing Liezl and immediately felt comfortable with her methods and thoroughness since she made sure my body was ready for another treatment before she proceeded.  Since my body seems super sensitive to everything I eat and breathe, I have been seeing Liezl off and on for several years.  She is very good at getting to the source of my symptoms and treating them effectively.

Recently, I have been also suffering from dry eyes.  I went to a dry eye clinic at Bascom Palmer, the top eye hospital in the nation, but they did little to help me but I did discover that my eye glands were not functioning well.  Liezl began treating my eyes and other factors she believed might be causing my dryness.  While I still suffer from extreme dryness, Liezl's treatments have helped more than the dry eye clinic.  Liezl recently sent me to a chiropractor she recommended who diagnosed me with Sjogren's disease and has been treating me for that with laser treatments which has given me some added relief as I was also suffering from low grade fevers. I am hopeful that this, along with NAET treatments, will get me to a point that I feel normal again.

- Joan I., Gilbert, AZ

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Hormone Treatment Helped My Everyday Life

July 26, 2011

I have been going to Liezl for about a year now and have just completed my first 15. I went to Liezl because I was starting to have problems with my hormones. I first used bio-identical hormone creams for about 9 months and it wasn't working the way it should. I found out that I was allergic to 3 of the 4 creams. Throughout my eliminations we have solved a lot of my hormone problems such as hot flashes and better absorption of my vitamins that I take. I can feel a difference with what I have eliminated which has made me feel more grounded. We have also addressed issues that we eliminated as they come up that have helped in my everyday life. I am thankful for NAET. I am so blessed that I have met Liezl, she is very good at what she does. Thank you, Liezl.


- Katie M., Mesa, Arizona

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Hardly Any Other Modality Was Working Anymore… Then I Found Liezl And NAET!

September 16, 2014

I’ve had chronic fatigue or adrenal problems to the point that for the last 2 years I have been unable to work. We’ve only discovered in the last year what is was and in the last 2-3 months also discovered I had 2 viruses as well – wart and encephalitis. A year and a half ago I was so bad off that I had women from my church that had to come to my house in the mornings and roll me out of bed, make me some breakfast, and help me get to the shower so I could get up and moving on my own each day, but I was still unable to work.

I used to have a wellness center and have knowledge of nutrition, cleanses, massage techniques, energy work and healing modalities and have been using these to help before I got really sick after a divorce from an abusive man and some very stressful situations from it. While my body was getting cleaner and going through the process of a lot of emotional healing through RET, essential oils, nutritional healing and cleansing, exercise and yoga, chiropractic, naturopathy, MD’s, homeopathy, glandular supports, zyto testing, I saw some improvements but got to the point where after an extremely trying situation it just gave out and none of these things were helping hardly at all anymore.

I got frustrated at the lack of progress I was seeing with the doctor and felt he was missing something important. He found and treated some issues but with little success lacking nutritional support. I began researching about allergies online, found info about NAET, researched practitioners until I decided Liezl had the training that would best suit me. I have always had unusual situations that puzzle and test doctors or anyone I have gone to for help with my health needs. Between being allergic to everything and having a multitude of emotionally traumatic events during my life and my genetic DNA working against me, there’s been a lot of work to do.

UPDATE May 29, 2015 – I couldn’t handle finishing my testimonial until now! I’ve researched and women my age with the same condition have taken 10 years to come out of this. I’ve been working very closely with Liezl doing NAET for about a year as fast as my body could handle the treatments. I have been feeling good energy for about a week now. I’ve had ups and downs with my energy over the last year as I have cleared my treatments. I’ve had many days I never thought I’d come out of it. I feel really good that I’m finally reaching the point where I’m about back to myself. I can do my own hair, take regular showers, put on make-up, fix meals – I used to not be able to open previously opened bottles or even the cupboard doors! Now I just need to get my body stronger again! Yeah! Thank you, Liezl! And thank you Dr. Nambudripad!

- Rebecca H., Mesa, AZ

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Asthma Has Already Dramatically Improved!

When my son, Canyon, was about 5 yrs old he began having severe asthma during the spring months. We of course, took him to the doctor and we received the usual prescription of Albuterol and Pulmicort to use with the nebulizer. He had to have these treatments twice a day, if not more! Of course we were relieved that he could get a treatment that would give him relief right away, but I knew that I didn’t want him to be on this medication long term. The side effects were miserable and I knew long term damage could occur!

A couple years later I met Liezl Apante and slowly began to learn more about what she was doing through NAET. I knew I wanted to try this treatment for my son. My son, who is 10 now, has now been through 10 or 11 of the first 15 basics and we have already seen a dramatic change! He rarely needs the Albuterol and Pulmicort treatments anymore. Keep in mind, we haven’t even finished our treatments. I’m excited and confident that he will soon not need the medications anymore!

We feel very blessed to have met Liezl and learn of, and experience, the work that she is doing!

- Sandy T., Gilbert, AZ

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How NAET And Liezl Apante Have Helped Me….

August 3, 2012

I first came to Liezl for a rash on my arms that was unsightly, with a horrible burning itch that was worse at night. No antihistamines or steroids helped. After basics with NAET and treatment for melatonin, etc. the itch improved and the rash was soon gone and I can tolerate the sun again. Thanks, Liezl and NAET!

I have also had an itch in my ears for years, especially at night and sometimes after swimming. Since we (Liezl and NAET) have treated several things, I no longer get the itch. What a perk!

- Ann C., Chandler, AZ

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Our Success Has Been A Family Affair!

Our family has had numerous issues that Liezl has successfully treated. We've had heat exhaustion, asthma, viruses and more that she has been able to significantly treat.

Her ability to diagnose issues has been amazing. We have recommended her practice to several friends and family members with confidence.

- The Sullivans, Gilbert, AZ

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