Liezl Apante, BSN & Certified NAET Practitioner

Liezl Apante, BSN & Certified NAET Practitioner

My clients deserve the best treatments possible...

and that's why I invest hours of continuous education and training each year, most of which have been taught by the NAET founder, Dr. Nambudripad. My advanced skills and extensive certifications make me the only Certified NAET Practitioner in the valley/ Phoenix area who offers NAET treatments to allergy sufferers and I am the only approved participating NAET Autism Study Practitioner in the valley! 


Liezl Apante attended California State University in pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree to catapult her passion for health and caring for others. As a Registered Nurse (RN) she immersed herself into the medical field gaining a variety of experiences working in the Progressive Care Unit, as a Telemetry and Postpartum Nurse, assisting in Triage and dedicating herself as a Research RN. As an honor student, she’s approached her 25-year nursing career with an intensity to learn, excel and implement her knowledge to help others.

At the end of 2008 Liezl completed her first NAET course and opened her own private practice months later! Her ambition to learn has inspired her to complete an impressive 20 NAET advanced courses taught by Dr. Devi Nambudripad herself, and regularly attend NAET symposiums.

Liezl’s passion for NAET is fueled by her own health issues which were overcome using the NAET techniques.

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Certified practitioners of NAET are proven, through presentation of yearly before/after picture or lab results, and trained in acupressure as well as NAET. In addition, they have maintained current classes and education through NAET.

NAET® Coursework

Basic: Licensed medical practitioner has learned to evaluate, locate and eliminate food and environmental allergies. - 12/08

Advanced I: NAET Basic trained practitioner has learned to eliminate combination treatments, complicated NAET cases, commonly seen emotional blockages, exercise induced allergies, and person to person allergies. - 12/08

Advanced II A: Autism, ADD/ADHD, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia - 10/10

Advanced II B: Immune System Disorders, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular - 7/10

Advanced II C: Part 1 Meridian Association Time, Mirror Technique, NAET Detoxification, Electric/Electronic Radiation
Part 2 Electromagnetic Radiation, Exercise Induced Disorders, NAET Anaphylactic Protocol, Treating by Therapeutic Dilution Protocol - 6/15

Advanced II D: Male & Female Infertility, Female Disorders, Thyroid Imbalances, Melt Your Fat - 2/09

Advanced II E: Asthma, Head & Back aches, Ear/Nose/Throat, Treatment Enhancement - 2/09

Advanced II F: Nutrition in NAET, Substance Abuse, Managing Various Addictions with NAET - 6/10

Advanced II H: Cellular Memory Imbalances, Interpersonal Energetic Imbalances - 7/10

Advanced II I: Chemical, Environmental, Seasonal Allergies, Physical Agents - 5/09

Advanced II J: Overcoming Osteoporosis, Insomnia, Anti Aging Secrets - 5/09

Advanced II K: Balancing Organs, Balancing Meridians, Trauma Release - 6/13

Advanced II L: Eczema, Dermatitis, Acne, Yeast/Candidiasis, Hair Loss - 6/13

Advanced II M: Reflux Disorders, Indigestion, Constipation, Diarrhea - 8/15

Advanced II N: Irritable Bowel, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Colitis, Crohn`s Disease, Diverticulosis - 8/15

Advanced II O: Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, Bipolar Disorders - 6/10

Advanced II P: NAET Immune Modulation Technique - 10/11,  7/15

Advanced II Q: NAET Immune System Support - 10/11

Advanced II V: Is it Alzheimers, Dementia or Allergies? - 7/14

Advanced II Y: Managing Lyme Disease & Helicibacter Pylori - 6/15

Advanced II Z: Managing Eye Disorders through NAET - 7/15

NAET® Symposiums

7/11, 7/14, 7/15

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