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There is no medication that can cure Autism, and the medications that are currently in force to curb some of the symptoms have side effects such as seizures, addiction, anxiety, hallucinations, depression, infections, paranoia, and high blood pressure, to name just a few. This is clearly not the answer!

NAET, is a safe and effective holistic technique that has been proven in a 2005 study to say goodbye to this devastating disorder. Roughly 88% of the treated children had their autism diagnosis removed by their own individual doctors and neurologists, showing that “NAET treatment provides an effective treatment modality for children with autism to decrease autistic traits.” View the entire study to learn how NAET is making a difference in the lives of those with Autism.

The NAR Foundation (Nambudripad Allergy Research Foundation) is conducting a global study on NAET’s effectiveness in the treatment of autism on 1000-1200 autistic patients. We need to present NAET’s effectiveness to the global community, restore the health of autistic children, and stop the progression of this devastating epidemic.

I am among a select group of NAET practitioners participating in the Global NAET Autism Study. Please contact me to learn how your child’s symptoms can improve or disappear using this non-invasive treatment.   

Learn more about the Global Study and read testimonials from the NAET Autism Treatment Center.